Saleema - Initiative to stop FGM/C in Sudan
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The story of Amal and Saleema

“Sikka tawadi” (“A path takes you”) is a short fictional Saleema cartoon story that illustrates two sisters’ daily-life events. The younger sister-Saleema- has been kept saleemat, which means that she preserves her natural, complete features in the form that God created her.

During a train trip, an unpleasant incident becomes the reason for Amal and Saleema to share their thoughts and concerns about being saleemat or not. They observe the undergoing changes of their society in this respect, and wonder about their differences as human beings.

The two girls’ adventures, both enjoyable and sad, smartly blend in with insights and advices for their peers, who might face similar experiences.

Jumping on Amal’s and Saleema’s train, enjoying the rest of the story and learning how to talk over your own differences, is just one click away!

Read the booklet below…and don’t forget to discuss, share and make use of it whenever you find yourself in similar situations!


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