Saleema - Initiative to stop FGM/C in Sudan
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What can you do

Saleema is a growing movement across Sudan, you can be part of it by

  • Letting your daughter be Saleema for life;
  • Using the word Saleema to refer to uncut girls and women;
  • Stimulating a discussion on Saleema with your husband or wife, with your family, friends or colleagues at work;
  • Signing on AlTaga to publicly commit you and your family to the Saleema pledge: “Every girl is born Saleema, let her grow Saleema”;
  • Organizing collective abandonment declarations in your community;
  • Spreading the Saleema message and pledge at any possible time: “Every girl is born Saleema, let every girl grow Saleema”;
  • Chosing a Born Saleema Hospital where you can get counselling, information on Saleema movement, where you can sign the Saleema pledge: “Every girl is born Saleema, let her grow Saleema” and where you can receive a Saleema Kit to welcome your new born baby girl.
  • Signing the Saleema Initiative to call for legislations that protect and help the girls to be Saleema for life because ‘Every girl is born Saleema, let Every Girl grow Saleema’

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