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Singing Saleema Petition


Saleema Petition

Calling for legislations to protect girls to be Saleema for life

‘Every girl is born Saleema, let her grow Saleema’

Sudanese statistics shows that 64% of boys and men, and 53% of girls and women think that FGM/C practice should be discontinued. That means that more than the majority of Sudanese want the practice to end.

The National Council of Children Welfare (NCCW) invites you to sign this petition to request the National Assembly to issue a legislation that prohibit and criminate FGM.

NCCW is also calling to take immediate action for issuing/enforcing a state legislation that incriminates those who perform FGM/C.

By signing this petition you will become part of the Saleema Initiative, a national movement composed by people who chose the word Saleema to create a new field of positive association of expectations, for uncut girls and women. The broad objective of the Saleema movement is to change the empirical and normative expectations of people about Female Genital Mutilation/Cut (FGM/C) by promoting wide usage of new positive terminology to describe the natural bodies and social status of girls and women.

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