Saleema - Initiative to stop FGM/C in Sudan
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The National Partners

Saleema Campaign is working on a number of levels and in cooperation with a number of strategic partners at both at the national and state levels, including the following, however the following list does not contain all the Campaign partners and stakeholders and we will update it periodically.

The Ministries and Governmental Bodies

• The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security

• The Ministry of Health in Khartoum State

• The Unit for Combating Violence

• The Ministry of Education

• The Ministry of Guidance and Endowments

• The Ministry of Justice

• The Ministry of Information and Communications

• The Women Center for Human Rights

• The Advisory Council for Human Rights

 The Academic and University Societies and Institutions

• Mutawinat Group

• Child Rights Institute

• Tuti Initiative

• The Center for Social Studies

• The Sudanese Women General Union (SWGU)

• The Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of the Sudan

• The National Society for Fighting Harmful Habits

• Mubadirat Initiative

• Manath Association

• The Midwives Association

• Al-Ahfad University

• Intishar Association

• Sima Center

• Reporters for Kids

• Babiker Badri Association

• Rocks Association

• Saleema Campaign Ambassadors

“Every Girl is Born Saleema, Let Every Girl Grow Saleema”

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