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The Legislations

The issue of girls’ circumcision or female genital mutilation/ cutting (FGM/C) is a complicated multilateral issue so the efforts seeking to stop female genital mutilation in Sudan include several competent entities and partnerships between all relevant actors comprising governmental corporations and civil society organizations.
Efforts combined in all sectors so that each sector works under the umbrella of a key partner in the sector as follows:
• The Ministry of Health - the health sector,
• The Ministry of Information and Communications – the media sector,
• The Ministry of Education - the education sector,
• The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments – the religious sector,
• The Ministry of Social Welfare and the Woman and Children Affairs -the social sector.

Each sector works according to directives, guidance, programs and plans will act on routers that include laws, policies, programs and plans to execute the state policies for the protection and welfare of childhood, based on:
1. Sudan Interim Constitution of 2005
2. The National Council for Child Welfare Act 2008.
3. The National Council for Child Welfare- the document of the Five-Year Plan for Childhood (2007-2011)
4. The National Council for Strategic Planning – the National Council for Child Welfare- the
National Strategy for the Eradication of Female Circumcision 2008-2018
5. The Federal Ministry of Health, the
Directorate General of Primary Health Care and the National Administration for Reproductive Health, September 2001.
- the Strategy and plan of action to curb female genital mutilation in Sudan.
6. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Women and Children Affairs – The National Policy for the Empowerment of Women, March 2007.
7. The Council of Ministers – the National Population Policy issued by the Council of Ministers resolution No. 48 of 2002.
8. The Central Bureau of Statistics – the Survey of Safe Maternity – National Report 1999

For further information please see the publications of the National Council for Child Welfare


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