Saleema - Initiative to stop FGM/C in Sudan
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Born Saleema

The Saleema Initiative is welcoming new baby girls. 
Born Saleema is an initiative to provide families of newly born baby girls with a supportive environment for committing themselves to keeping their new daughters Saleema for life. 
Born Saleema is an initiative inside hospitals around the country to collect parents’ commitment to the Saleema’ pledge and to properly welcome baby girls who will stay Saleema for life.
A Born Saleema Hospital is a place where

  •  You can find trained personnel to provide you with counselling on reproductive health and family issues
  •  You can get information on the Saleema movement
  •  You can commit yourself to the Saleema pledge: “Every girl is born Saleema, let her grow Saleema” by signing the AlTaga
  •  You can receive the Born Saleema Kit to welcome your daughter and to keep her Saleema for life

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Born Saleema is already in Khartoum State, North Darfur, South Darfur, West Darfur, Northern State, Kassala and Gedaref. 


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